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. >> reporter: it's a nightmare in new york city for some. despite limited subway and mass transit service up and running, it's a super slow go and thousands have to commute by foot. >> walked across the brooklyn bridge. >> in manhattan hundreds of thousands still in the dark, some cold and starving. >> people are dumpster diving and what they are going after is the food. >> reporter: it may be days before the power is back. >> over 100,000 power lines on ground. >> reporter: across new york's long island power is out and patience is running out. >> i don't have the transportation out of here. >> reporter: in toms river, new jersey, a high school is now a shelter. in westwarck, connecticut, belongings remain strewn about. >> we need to get cleaned out. >> reporter: in west virginia the weight from sandy's heavy snow on monday has now collapsed roofs. the storm's wrath widespread and strong. >> no heat. we have no power. >> reporter: still, officials are encouraging. >> the good news is that there are a lot of people who want to help. >> reporter: but the grim reality, not so easy to swaggo, s
jersey area. more than 2 million people still without power, mostly in new york city's outer boroughs and the suburbs. and there's growing frustration over a shortage of gasoline and heat as people wait in line for hours to fill up cars. >> those long lines aside, many storm victims also dealing with uncertainty and anxiety as they try to piece their lives back together. dr. nancy snyderman will be here with advice on dealing with the stress caused by hurricane sandy. >>> and it was supposed to be race day for some 47,000 runners in the new york city marathon. the event, of course, canceled on friday, much to the disappointment of many of those who were supposed to run. we'll tell you how some of them plan to spend this it day running for a much different cause. >>> and if you are like many people you may be ready for the election to be over. believe it or not, though, from clint eastwood's chair to kids who are sick of the whole thing, there were a fair amount of funny moments during this campaign season and we'll have a fond look back at those. >>> we do begin with the northeaster h
jersey amid long lines and flaring tempers. while across the river, the new york city marathon is cancelled after officials came under fire for planning to run a race as people here are struggling to survive. we've got it all covered live. three days and counting. president obama and governor romney make their final appearances in battleground states as we inch closer to election day. this morning, the results of our new polling in the states that just might decide this election. >>> and, welcome erica. say hello to the newest member of the "today" family, my new co-anchor erica hill. we can't wait for her to get started today, saturday november 3rd, 2012. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," decision 2012. with lester holt and erica hill. live from democracy plaza. >>> and a big good morning to everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt here on democracy plaza, our home for nbc's election coverage, all the way through tuesday. but i am right now pleased to welcome my new co-host erica hill. great to have you here. before we get start
things up a little bit, though only getting into the mid to upper 40s in new york city today. a little chilly, and savannah's already got the shivers going. i'm mate lauer along with savannah guthrie and willie geist. >> a little chilly. >> over in the booth it's a little brisk. >> democracy plaza. >> whining about democracy plaza. >> hypothermia plaza. anyway, coming up, we're going to go back to explained, a borough in new york that's been especially hard hit. al's been there, and al will be talking to us about this other storm that's making its way to our area. this won't be another sandy, but it could bring heavy rain, more flooding, maybe some more power problems for a lot of people who don't need any more so we'll be talking about that. >> you know, there was a big controversy here in new york about whether or not to run the new york city marathon. ultimately the mayor decided hot to run it. that was on friday. so you had thousands of marathon runners here in new york city, and a lot of them did the right thing and ran to staten island and other parts of the city. we'll talk to t
>>> good morning. gridlock. three days after sandy getting in and out of new york city a nightmare. long lines at gas stations across the region as the death toll from the storm rises to at least 74 people. >>> and new images show its fury in connecticut and new jersey today,thursday, november 1st, 2012. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm savannah gurthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. the storm recovery is already beginning, but already mounting frustration among people over how long it's going to take. and i guess that's understandable. >> yeah, and it's going to take a while. that much is clear. not just here in the city, but across the northeast region. as we mentioned, gas has become a hot commodity, especially in storm-damaged parts of new jersey and long island. the traffic problems around new york city are so bad now, governor andrew cuomo has declared a transportation emergency. >>> couple of new regulations in place, for example, a minimum passenger mandate is in effect for cars that try to get on the island of manhattan. you have to have thr
is no way to drive in, and i can tell you if you're trying to get into new york city, the order stands, you have to have at least three people in the car. in a region where people are already tired, hungry and fed up, no electricity, no subways, no water, this has got them fuming. commuters standing in line for hours to catch a bus. on the roads, mass gridlock, and no gas. >> i hope i don't have to push to the gas station. >> reporter: as many as 80% of the gas stations have no gas or power to pump gas. those with power are running out fast. the lines stretching for miles. >> here in new jersey it seems to be particularly bad. >> reporter: the line at this exxon in cram ford, new jersey snaked blocked through a nearby neighborhood. everywhere, temperatures are starting to flare. >> i was in this line about an hour. people, cutting in line at the other corner. >> this is america. you have to take your turn. >> reporter: in ridgefield where they're only taking gas, they were trying to fill up to make a c-section appointment. on long island, another bumper-to-bumper line taking up an entire la
after sandy, getting in and out of new york city a nightmare. long lines at gas stations across the region as the death toll from the storm rises to at least 75 people. and new images show the storm's fury in connecticut and new jersey "today," thursday, november 1st, 2012. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" at 7 am on the west coast this thursday morning. i'm savannah gurthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. let's look at the highways in and out of the city, mostly into the city. keep in mind it is 10:00 local time here on the east coast, so the bulk of the rush hour is over around yet, look at that. gonna be a lot of people late for work today. all of this caused by the remnants of sandy. >> yeah, a lot of people feeling it. there's some good news to report. limited mass transit services resumed this morning. they were supposed to help ease that commute a bit, as you can see not exactly working perfectly. we will show you brooklyn right now. a massive line of people waiting for shuttle bus service into manhattan. >> take all of that into consideration and, believe it or not, org
town. you can do it every day, of course. something very important to new york city mayor michael bloomberg, who will join us to talk about it in our next half hour. >>> then an unusual punishment for a convicted killer in oklahoma. a teenager was sentenced to spend ten years in church after pleading guilty to manslaughter. the ruling has sparked a legal dispute and we'll hear from both sides in that case. >>> a bit later, we'll switch gears with a look at tonight's power ball jackpot drawing. there are 325 million reasons or so to buy a ticket. it is one of the biggest jackpots in history. did you buy one? will you buy one? >> i am going to play and then i am going to pray. >> i like that strategy. i like it. >> we'll see if it works this time. >>> we do want to begin with the death of actor larry hagman. msnbc's thomas roberts is here with a lot more on that. good morning. >> he truly was a one of a kind. larry hagman will forever be remembered for iconic role as j.r. ewing on the primetime drama "dallas." the character was a scheming business cheat, an unfaithful husband, and a
, it seemed like they had the process down in a lot of the areas whereas in some areas here in new york city some of the voting poll areas, didn't have it down, and they had huge lines, and they weren't even affected by the hurricane. >> take two, twitter talk. the photo of the president hugging the first lady, been talking about it this morning, became the most popular twitter message of all time. >> retweeted. >> half a million times and there's a before and after image of the obama family, then and now, and it has gone viral, too. we've got that picture to show >> you what's amazing, i think is just seeing how much the girls have grown up in this time. this is the before picture. this is four years ago, and then now, look at them. i mean, malia is almost as tall as michelle and -- and sasha, they are just gorgeous and beautiful growing up so nicely. >> and the president's got a bit more gray hair. >> what i liked about michelle, obviously everybody looks at what she's wearing, so last night, of course, everybody is like what is she wearing? and interesting to note she's wearing a recycled
the sun out in the northeast, it's the mid-40s here in new york city. and got to be thinking about all those who do not have power. >> it's going to be a chilly night tonight. and really, the next 72 hours, temperatures will moderate here in the northeast. but, you know, if you've ever lost power in your home, sometimes it feels like it's colder in your house than it is outside. so we really wish the best for our friends who don't have power right now. >> yeah. people on the plaza, people have come to visit. >> can't get their flights out. >>> just ahead, more on the recovery efforts going on across the region. natalie's over in hoboken, new jersey, where people are still stranded by flood waters. we'll check in with her in a couple of minutes. >> then we'll take a turn and check in with "today's" professionals. a lot of people talking about the decision on the new york marathon. >>> and i got my subscription in from "glamour" magazine. i've got the women of the year, including people we really got to know well in london earlier this year. >> all right. >>> before we get the there, let
this, beloved new york city. >> going to go to radio city, such fun for the kids, you guys have ever not gone, they give you 3-d glasses, see like 10,000 santas coming at you, the kids go crazy, probably try to go friday matinee. >> awesome, awesome. >> we had fun with anderson cooper, had fun the few days ago, like everyone is just hearing about our party. >> just aired yesterday. >> that's right. >> anderson cooper did something he has never, ever done on national television before. he had a couple of sips of the sauce, okay? and he is one lightweight. we have never seen anything like it except for when i was in high school. >> we thought he was kidding. no. >> anyway, this is how he did -- how it went down. >> so to speak. >> i'm so excited, hoda and kathie lee are here, having a lot of fun. i am drunk. it is sad but true. i'm like, during the break, i'm like eating chicken, like chicken. >> don't drink that much, do we? >> yes. >> okay. there's a new -- one of my favorite networks is tlc. >> favorite what? >> networks, tlc. >> tlc. >> tlc. oh, my god. >> yes. >> should never have
is at a store in new york city where tickets are probably a hot commodity. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: yes, they are. this is a big deal. selling hundreds of tickets every hour. people started lining up at 5:00 a.m., and this jackpot, it just keeps growing. it's grown $175 million in just the last three days alone. >> ticket sales are expected to top a whopping $1 billion by tonight's drawing where a single winner could walk away with a cash prize worth $327 million before taxes. >> there you go. good luck. >> i would take my entire family on a cruise around the world. >> a sports car for me. >> aston martin. >> i'll pinch myself. >> reporter: and it's not just the lucky winners who win big. $1 of every $2 powerball ticket goes to the state covering lottery overhead and supporting programs like education. the federal government also hits the jackpot, taking a quarter of the winner's earnings in taxes and, yes, there's more. states and cities can take an additional 5% to 12%. a new york city winner would pay the highest taxes, but lucky winners in eight states may no state taxes on win
," this trophy wife first lady. >> that was weird. back across to kath. >> from new york city, which president got permission to build a swimming pool and a movie theater in the white house? was it george washington -- movie theater -- well. franklin delano roosevelt, richard nixon or ronald reagan? >> roosevelt? >> they cheated but we'll give it to them. >> yeah, franklin roosevelt. >> needed the pool for therapy for his legs, built the pool in 1933, 1942, a movie theater a good who knew for you, do you know who the first person was who watched an x-rated movie in the white house? >> no. i think i know but -- >> jimmy carter, watched "midnight cowboy." x-rated means something different now than then. >> funny. >> back across to kath. >> this lady from california. all righty. which actor played president bartlett in the popular tv series "the west wing," john list lithgow, rob lowe, martin sheen or jeff daniels? >> martin sheen. >> more cheating than in the election. >> people know. what is going on? >> originally, the president, aaron sorkin when he wrote "the west wing" didn't think the pres
. great style. the epitome of new york city chic. i toned down the back of that hair and left that little piece of brightness around the front just to give it an accent. >> it's very modern and beautiful. and give your va-va-voom turn. >> she has a wedding on friday night. but also something you could wear all the time. this is by maggie london. it's an already made wrap dress. >> they're wonderful. >> just with that little detail, and then the cuff is kansas scott and earrings are roberto celello. >> fabulous. >> he wants you over there with him. >> shout out to -- elementary school. >> all right. our second lady is lisa. she's 33 from the bronx. as a single mother of two children, her beauty routine of day consists of throwing her hair back in a ponytail, and she was thrilled at the opportunity to be pampered for just a few hours. let's listen to her story. >> you came here for pattinson, and now you are getting a makeover. it's a good treat. >> very happy to be here getting a makeover. this is the first time. >> and you're a little shocked? >> yes, i'm very shocked. >> and excited. i'l
"the voice". waiting tables, right? >> we were in new york city waiters and actually i used to work at bank of america right over here, right there, and i used to go to dean & deluca and sit here and look at the tree and be bitter. >> did you ever think one day you would be drinking whisky at 10:00 in the morning with hoda and kathie lee? >> whisky at 10 in the morning happened, too. >> singing at the lighting of the christmas tree? >> chris, we are so happy for you. >> honestly, i heard you sing today and i was like, oh, my gosh, you are my new favorite male voice on the planet. >> wow. >> chris, have a great time >> thank you. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. ? all the makeness to you and laura. she's adorable. >> where are you going with our powerball? >> bye. see you guys. if you win, share. okay. >> speaking of "the voice "christina was in mourning. she no longer that is a team. des her guy is gone. >> there's no way he can get back? that's it. >> it's over. so every other coach has two competitors left. christina has no team left. >> she'll sit there like a lump an
one day after new york city cancelled its most famous race in the wake of the storm. for the first time in over four decades, sunday's new york city marathon was cancelled. as the marathon project of recovering from superstorm sandy continues under the threat of cold weather moving in. >> there's growing consensus this will be a coastal storm by the middle of next week. >> reporter: into new york and new jersey lines for gas with hours long. >> i've been here for two hours. never seen it this long. here every day and it's never been this bad. >> reporter: thousands are struggling for a hot meal, a warm bed and a roof overhead. in new jersey power outages are still an issue, but governor chris christie pointed out that progress is being made. >> we're down to under a million in less than six days of work. ♪ meet me in a land of hope and dreams ♪ >> reporter: on friday night, bruce springsteen, christina aguilera, billy joel, sting and a collection of stars performed a benefit concert on nbc raising close to $23 million for the recovery effort, chipping away at the storm's estima
for us. on november 24th, >>> if you enjoy dining with family one restaurant on new york city's staten island is taking pleasure to a whole new level, in an area hit very hard by hurricane sandy and while its employees were sparing direct harm, nowhey have a new sense of community, family and purpe. here's nbc's emcampo. >> reporter: and new yos is new city restaurant, it's bustling. >> pasta on plates. >> it's great. >> reporter: andn the kitchen andma. yeah, grandma. here there are no chefs, jt a team of real italian grandmas or nunas as they are calle with a different one cooking each night. though they mayook like pros in this kitchen mos have no restaurant experience and heard about the job through nepaper ad. i spoke to them in their native italian. for louisa, jus the thoughtf workg in a restaurant teified her but she says after a dayf training i realized it wasn't much different as cooking at home. the exhaustion, e work, the worry, it's all worth it, she says. owner jody aravella grew up in a big italian family when he openedheestaurant in 2007, he decided he wanted his restau
in pittsburgh, 45 in new york city. bangor 43. nashville where they have freezy fog this morning >> good morning. we will start off today with off and on rain showers. sunshine should break out later today. >> don't forget, get that weather any time you need. go to the weather channel on cable or online. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. the man behind elmo is taking a leave of absence from "sesame street why the "to deal with very serious allegations. nbc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. this would be no elmo without robert clash but the puppeteer who created elmo is coming forward after a man claimed forward saying he had an intimate relationship with clash while he was still a minor. ♪ >> reporter: though he's best known as the voice of elmo, revered puppeteer kevin clash is now speaking out in his own defense against accusations of sexual misconduct. in a statement monday "sesame street" said they were contacted in june by a then 23-year-old man who alleged he had a relationship beginning when he was 16 years old with kevin clash. in h
to certainly see a nicer day in new york city and a perfect day, thomas is turning 10 today. you must be thomas. where are you from? are you enjoying new york city? well, thanks so much for spending your birthday here. it is going to be nice around here. we have a lot of rain to talk about especially in the northwest. we have storm after storm that is just going to pound the west coast and each storm gets stronger we could see wind gusts up to 70 to 90 miles an hour especially along the coast, 0 out that way, and mountain snow, a foot, a foot and a half of snow possible. the rest of the country minus a couple of showers through the plains and also some heavier rain across the carolinas. some wind gusts up near 40 miles an hour possible as well today and even into tomorrow. but the northeast will be quiet for your monday. middle of the kcountry seeing a couple of showers and, again, we are looking for pretty strong weather and gusty wind >>> weather calming down around bathe area and cooler drier air now into the north bay. you can see 30s and low 40s this morning. close to 50 in san jose. the s
. >> all right, matt. thanks. it's cold and clear here in new york city, but out west, people are dealing with menacing weather, al. >> that's right, and it's going to be lasting right through the weekend, savannah. we are talking about our trends in the pacific northwest. you can see there's a big upper level low spinning here with a very powerful front attached to it. as it pushes in, we've also got a subtropical jetstream bringing in pacific moisture. you combine it all and we're looking at a lot of rain. this is the futurecast radar. you can see during the day today, the rain gets heavier and heavier, mountain snows start developing. here's what we're looking for for the next 72 hours. generally, anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of rain from central california into the pacific northwest. look at some of these rainfall amounts. as much as 15 inches of rain in central and northern california, plus there's mountain snow to talk about, the cascade mountains, the sawtooth, the tetons, the sierra mountains and mt. shasta could see anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 feet of snow. matt? >> all right, al. th
day in new york city and a perfect day, thomas is turning 10 today. you must be thomas. where are you from? are you enjoying new york city? well, thanks so much for spending your birthday here. it is going to be nice around here. we have a lot of rain to talk about especially in the >>> good sunday morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a little bit of sunshine for now. includes increase for the remainder of the day. won't be that bright blue sky we enjoyed yesterday. nonetheless, a pleasant afternoon to spend some quality time in the outdoors. temperatures in the low 30s to low 40s, to low 40s and 50s today. pleasant ooh of cloud around for the next few days. rain drops well down to our south and really nice for thanksgiving and the day after. >>> and now that it's sunday, that means tonight is sunday night football night in america. we have a huge rivalry going down in heinz field. the rains head iravens heading . for your football forecast, any forecast you want, it's available at erica? >> dylan, thanks. >>> a miss america contestant just 16 wh
. >> it was a big night last night. i stayed up till like 9:30, it was wild. look out, new york city. >> did you set your alarm? >> sadly i woke up. i woke up without an alarm. >> you had a big day yesterday celebrating veterans day. >> today's the big observance. i was out marching in the parade here in new york city with a group that my wife and i have worked a lot with called operation manned, a great group out of ucla medical center who does reconstructive surgery for soldiers badly wounded by ieds and i was proud and honored to be able to march with them yesterday. very cool. >> wow. >> very cool. >> our next take two, if you will, hillary's next move. >> there's this piece, a lot of people are talking about it in the "new york times" yesterday written by gail collins did, an interview with hillary clinton in which secretary clinton talked about life after her job as secretary of state. the first question everyone asks is will you run for president? >> right. >> and she said can i get five minutes to catch my breath before you start asking me this. >> deserves a break, right? >> she transitions
by on a chilly november morning here in new york city. we're happy they joined us, and a lot of people waking this up morning to go out and vote early. a polling place in cincinnati, ohio. of course, that could be the swing state of all swing states, and people already at it voting there this morning and down in florida, another very key battleground state. we've got voting going on there as well. >> a lot of wet weather down there. >> that's right. >> and we've seen both candidates vote this morning, and, of course, we know that president obama cast his vote early in chicago a couple weeks ago. also ahead, we've done a real political analysis and now we'll do fun political analysis, very unscientific polls in our "take 3" just ahead, and then we'll take a look back at one of the most iconic images in an american brand, the gerber baby, and we'll meet the original gerber baby and reveal the new one. >> that's kind of cool. >> yeah. >> and then the latest trend in beauty. everything you need to know from the hottest creams to help you look younger to teeth brighteners, all covered for you. the
of the weather from dylan. >> it is a chilly morning in new york city. a little bit breezy, too. but the whole eastern half of the country actually will be enjoying some pretty nice weather today, at least sunny. it is going to be chilly across the northeast, but above average in the middle of the country. we're looking at highs today topping out in the 60s and even lower 70s down into texas. but in the northeast, we'll be in the 40s. the west coast, 40s and 50s. we've got a big storm system moving into the western part of the country. we've got heavy rain, days of rain, perhaps through tuesday where we could end up with several inches of rain and several feet of snow in the >>> here's a look at the temperatures. 50s and 60 outside. it's muggy and windy around parts of the south bay. 22 in san jose and we have rain coming through comprehending into parts of the north bay and into palo alto down into places just to the west of mountain view. you can see around saratoga too. mild temperatures in the low to mid 60s. rain will fill in towards this evening and pick up and taper off as we go through
. it's got everybody talking this morning and smiling, too. it's a new york city police officer helping out a homeless man. the officer and the woman who snapped that picture are with us together exclusively. we'll talk with them in just a moment. we look forward to that. good morning, everyone, everybody. inside studio 1a i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist in for matt today. >> double trouble for lindsay lohan arrested after an altercation at a nightclub in new york city and charges from a crash in california on the same day. coming up, details on both of those cases. >> and why would anybody in their right mind take a flight making seven stops across the country just to reach a final destination? what you can learn about finding cheap airfares from very extreme travelers. what motivates them. >> and have you ever been told you look like someone famous. we're actually talking about doppelgangers, two people who just found each other and look almost identical. look at their faces. >> almost like they are twins. hearing they are in fact identical twins. >> you put them up to thi
to start packing. >> traffic in new york city is worse than any traffic i've ever seen in my entire life, especially during the holidays. every -- i'll tell you what? you know what it's like? it reminds me of chris christie. it tells me how it reminds me of chris christie. every major artery is clogged. >> some people have been camped outside of stores for days now to get a good spot in line for what they call door buster sales. this what makes lining up for a "twilight" movie reasonable. >> let's take a look at the pros and cons of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> pros, getting to see snoopy in the dog house float. con, seeing job petraeus in there with him. >> old geezer, and you have to guess whether it's the neck of an old geezer or a turkey neck. >> all right. >> turkey. >> how many say turk i? >> take a look. >> got to go. ♪ hey, made turkey ♪ it's try and crazy ♪ do me a favor and pass the gravy ♪ ♪ and all or the once ain't so tasty ♪ ♪ i'm never ever, ever wear an ugly sweater ♪ ♪ we will never ever wear an ugly sweater. >> holiday gear on display. >> the
. it will say a city in new york, but it's not. >> they surveyed 6,000 people and they wanted to reveal how men and women viewed sex differently. they asked these 6,000 people, did your partner, did your wife, girlfriend, go to poughkeepsie during your romp. 85% of men said their female partners reached poughkeepsie. >> no problem, she's with me. >> when men left, they asked the women. >> who reached poughkeepsie? >> they go not with him. >> 64% of women said that they did. >> you think they are telling the truth? >> i think the 64% are, they are faking it for the guy so he doesn't feel bad. >> or they want it over. >> they want it over. it takes too long sometimes. you know it does. sometimes you want it over. everyone -- you want it over. it's enough already, right? >> sometimes it is. i'm not saying every time, there are certain times you're exhausted. >> why did you -- attempt a trip to poughkeepsie to begin with? >> it's not about you, it's about him. that time. >> okay. >> that's what you do. >> you lie to him because you care so much about him? >> sometimes it's a good lie. >> i don't kn
, new york city, and 16 degrees below normal at 41 and 48 in richmond and 58 in memphis, and so you can see that the cold temperatures in the >>> 7:39 on a wednesday morning. the sun's been out for about an hour. we'll have to wait a couple more hours before it breaks through these low clouds in san jose. you might not get out of the fog of the immediate coast today. on shore flow has resumed. temperatures will drop off by about 15 to 20 degrees from yesterday's high. 74 degrees in livermore. 73 in gilroy today. 68 in freemont. 67 degrees in san francisco today. as we head through the next couple of days, the 60s and rain on the way. >>> and that's your latest weather. impact in detail in the next hour. matt? >> all right, al. stay warm. next, how wall street is likely to react to president obama's victory. a little later on, on a lighter note, a live interview with "twilight" star kristen stewart, but first, these messages. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspi
. look out west. temperatures anywhere from nine to 21 degrees above normal. in the east, new york city, 16 degrees below normal at 41. 48 in richmond. 58 in memphis. you can see the cold temperatures in the northeast. that's why we are going to see snow out of this system. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, storm team 4 radar showing light rain south, east and northeast from washington. the heavier rains along the atlantic sea board. winds are picking up. gusts around 30 miles per hour now. we could get snow on grassy areas this afternoon into this evening accumulating. a dusting around the metro area. the areas north and east could get one to three inches, mainly on grassy areas. >> and that's your latest weather. we're going to look at this nor'easter's impacts in detail coming up in the next half hour. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. stay warm. >>> up next, how wall street is likely to react to president obama's victory. a little later on, on a lighter note, a live interview with twilight star k
in new york city and on long island and tens of thousands of utility customers are still without power there. new york's governor cuomo is seeking $30 billion in federal disaster aid. >>> the voice actor behind beloved "sesame street" elmo is taking a leave of absence from the show. 52-year-old kevin clash is denying that he engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy several years ago. clash acknowledged a relationship with the accuser but said that they were both consenting adults when it happened. >>> shipping giant ups says its charitable arm will no longer donate money to the boy scouts of america because the group discriminates against gays. last year the ups foundation gave more than $85,000 to the boy scouts, according to its federal tax return. the boy scouts said this summer that the organization was sticking with its policy of excluding openly gay youngsters and adults as members and leaders. >>> families and other groups traveling by air for the holidays may find it harder to sit together. more people will be flying this year, and since last thanksgiving several
your house is okay when you get home, too. sara is back with a tour of some of new york's most hauntest haunts. >> wait until you see what she scares up. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >>> time for sara in the city, this time, a spirited trip downtown. >> hundreds of year, rumored sightings of ghosts around new york city. we wanted to see for ourself, so we sent sara. >> lucky me. that's right. from a haunted house to a wine cellar full of spirits. there's a laundry list of spots in this city that are said to be inhabited by another force, and i got to check some of them out. meet my haunted tour guide, dr. phil. no, not that dr. phil. >> i'm dr. phil. i'm not a ghost. but i'm an expert on ghosts. >> our first stop is mcsorley's old ale house. who haunts this bar? >> harry houdini. >> the magician? >> the magician. >> the master illusionist, a regular at the bar while living, even left his handcuffs behind. he's said to be a cat lover in the after life. >> you see a cat on the bar, you know somebody was purring him and loving him. houdini. >> next i head to washington square park in s
sightings of ghosts around new york city. we wanted to see for ourself, so we sent sara. >> lucky me. that's right. from a haunted house to a wine cellar full of spirits. there's a laundry list of spots in this city that are said to be inhabited by another force, and i got to check some of them out. meet my haunted tour guide, dr. phil. no, not that dr. phil. >> i'm dr. phil. i'm not a ghost. but i'm an expert on ghosts. >> our first stop is mcsorley's old ale house. who haunts this bar? >> harry houdini. >> the magician? >> the magician. >> the master illusionist, a regular at the bar while living, even left his handcuffs behind. he's said to be a cat lover in the after life. >> you see a cat on the bar, you know somebody was purring him and loving him. houdini. >> next i head to washington square park in search of more ghosts. i heard people were actually buried here in washington square park? >> yes, it goes back 100 years, 15, 20 bodies buried here. >> rumors has it that the spirits come out on halloween, searching for their missing body parts. feeling creeped out, i'm ready to leave.
in a heated tee pea -- tepee. >> this city is one of your spots, too, new york city. >> i love new york, it's my favorite time to be here during the holidays. we were walking around last night because of the lights. i, myself, am not a shopper, but i love to look at all the windows and stuff. within 30, 40 minutes you can see some of the best highlights of window shopping. that's great. awesome skating just back here, which we checked out. >> it will be lit tomorrow night. >> we checked out the skating, i can confirm you do not need to be an expert. there was some alternate skating out there, let's just say that. of course, f.a.o. schwartz with the kids for the holidays, 150th anniversary. so they are putting on a shindig with tours, toy soldiers, all that. >> i took the kids to central park and they ran wild. it's a perfect spot for kids, winter or whenever. >> don't forget broadway, lots of great shows. broadway when you come, definitely. >> "scandalous." >> savannah, georgia. >> savannah was another great recommendation of the virtual tourists. it's off the beaten path, one of the first
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